What was Andy Murray’s Hip Surgery?

Following announcement of Andy Murrays return to Tennis (Wimbledon) following his successful hip (resurfacing) operation last years, interest has been growing surround how Murray has been able to make a return to the world of competition tennis. Edwin Su, a New York hip surgeon, appears to be the surgeon who may have performed the operation using The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) device, which is essentially a metal on metal (MoM) hip replacement .

Advantages of resurfacing vs a total hip replacement appear to be preserved bone on bone and greater suitability to highly active individuals such as Murray. Concerns on previous generations of MoM resurfacing operations surround cases of the protheses shedding metal ions and causing local tissue reactions.

Alternative materials such as ceramic resurfacing have been investigated and proposed as a safer option by institutes such as Imperial College, London (2018 trial). However, downsides of ceramic resurfacing may be that it is not as suited to high demand patients, such as Murray, who want to return to intense sports. The counter argument by MoM advocates is that with improved cup sizing and positioning full circumferential loading can be achieved thereby much reducing the shed of ions that was seen to be a problem with some of the first generation devices which suffered from rim loading (all the loading forces going through a small part of the prothesis).

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