8 Week Core Exercise Programme


8 Week Core Exercise Programme





Having a strong and stable core (core stability) is a “must” for anyone looking to maximise their physical potential, whether that be on the sports field, recovering from back pain, or just having a flatter waistline!

However, there is much confusion around what a strong and stable core means, which individuals would benefit the most and what the best “core exercises” are.

Many traditional or old school exercises that “work” the core (such as sit-ups, crunches, Russian Twists, and even “Pilates or Yoga roll downs”) arguable do so at the expense of compromising the health of spinal structures such as the intervertebral discs and ligaments. This is all explained in this e-book programme.

This is particularly pertinent for individuals who have suffered from back pain. Not only are the connective tissues of their spine generally weaker and therefore more susceptible to (further) injury but their core muscles will likely have suffered from “reciprocal inhibition”. Reciprocal inhibition is a process whereby the nervous system starts to switch off signals to the core muscles. This “switching off” may remain even when episodes of back pain or sciatica have apparently passed. In this situation, the reduced spinal (core) stability leaves the individual vulnerable to repeated shear forces and microtrauma thereby perpetuating the whole cycle.

Whilst it is not solely designed for back pain sufferers, anyone will benefit, this program will build you from the ground up. Starting with and perfecting the basics in weeks one and two, the programme will guide you through gradually more progressive exercises over 8 weeks. Advanced core exercises are featured following week 8 for those willing and able to take things to the next level. All the exercises (from weeks 1 – 8) have been designed with back pain sufferers in mind, they are featured with clear explanation and links to video footage of every exercise, demonstrated by the author and designer Robert Shanks (Founder & Director of Spine Plus Clinics and and author of the book “Back Pain Decoded”).


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