Pilates Exercises On Foam Roller

Working core muscles on an unstable surface can increase muscle activation

Here’s another use for your foam roller - perform abdominal, ideally Pilates style exercises whilst lying on it.

A recent study found that participants achieved the maximum activation of their core muscles (Tranversus abdominus, internal oblique) when unilateral leg raise Pilates style exercises were performed on a foam roller compared to a Pilates table.

The study also compared the Oov cushion (a foam cushion shaped to fit the back) it found that core activation was no greater than when using the foam roller but it was rated as being more comfortable which may increase compliance.

Exercising on different unable surfaces increases core abdominal muscle thickness; an observational study using real time ultrasound. Gibbons TJ, Bird ML. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation 2018;doi:10.1123/jsr.2017-0385