Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneurial Burnout

Entrepreneurial Burnout and the Power of Taking a Break

Entrepreneurs are always working to stay aware of potential risks for their business. They learn how to recognize profit drains, how to buoy struggling employees, and how to sense the big concerns among all the little ebbs and flows of business ownership. However, many business owners get so wrapped up in looking out that they forget to look in and take care of themselves. 

Listen, we understand you’re busy. But we also understand that when business owners don’t make time for self-care, they run a major risk for burnout. Injury Fit Pro knows that ‘well-being’ means taking good care of every aspect of your personal and professional life. Here are some ways you can make sure you’re giving yourself a break so you can give your business your best energy.

Address Your Environment 

Work-life balance is extremely hard for business owners, so you need to go the extra mile to make sure you’re off time is truly off. Resolve to leave work at work. If you absolutely must bring things home with you, dedicate a specific space—a home office or even just a specific chair—to doing your work. Don’t use that space for anything else.

If you’ve been doing work in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom up to now, take some time to refresh that space and give it more relaxing energy. Cleaning, redecorating, or even just letting in some fresh air can help recharge these areas, allowing your brain to release the association with work so you can truly unwind.

Focus on Exercise 

If you’re not already working out every day, now is the time to make some room in your schedule. Regular exercise is good for every single aspect of your well-being. It keeps your heart running at its best, sharpens your mind, releases pent-up emotions, and more. 

Many people put off exercise because they don’t enjoy it, but if this is you, odds are you can find a type of exercise that speaks to you. Just as no two people are alike, everyone’s exercise needs are different. Some people will like the serenity of a peaceful early morning jog, while others may thrive in the challenge of an intense pilates session. Try things out, and stick with the forms of movement that make you feel good. 

Evaluate Your Diet 

It’s easy to resort to fast food and freezer meals—or worse, skipping meals altogether—when you’re working with a packed schedule. Unfortunately, eating this way can mean you’re not getting enough vitamins and nutrients, and you could end up tired and even sick as a result. If you’re always too busy to make a full meal during the day, look into meal prepping. This will allow you to get your food in order on slow days and eat right on the rest. 

Prioritize Quality Sleep

Finally, one of the most important (and, for business owners, often most neglected) parts of self-care is a good night’s sleep. Adults need 6 to 9 hours of sleep every night, and that doesn’t count time spent going over your to-do list in bed. When you run a business, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Counterintuitive as it is, however, you’ll actually feel like you have more time after a full night’s rest. This is simply because you’ll have more energy—meaning you make better use of the time you do have. 

Try to stick to a consistent bedtime and stop looking at screens and thinking about work an hour before bed. Spend that time reading a (non-work-related) book, taking a warm bath, or some other relaxing, non-productive task. This gives your brain time to unwind, so you’ll have deeper, more productive sleep. 

Business owners need to use their time wisely, and that includes making room for self-care and rest. Without it, you won’t have the physical or mental energy you need to run your business well and, over time, you’ll run the risk of burning out. Take good care of yourself, and your business will thank you. 

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