8 Week Core Exercise Programme: CORE ZERO TO CORE HERO -


Our Core Exercise programme is divided into 7 daily “Foundation” exercises plus and additional blocks of 6 varying exercises. Phase 1: Week 1 Days 1-3, Week 1 Days 4 – 7, Week 2 Days 1-4, Week 2 Days 5 – 7; Phase 2 Weeks 3, 4, 5; Phase 3: Weeks 6, 7, 8.

The programme features links to demonstration videos of each exercise. There are also bonus videos discussing back pain and tutorial videos explaining the fundamentals of good posture, correct lifting technique and how to look after your back.
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Core Zero to Core Hero has been designed specifically for back pain sufferers. However, everyone will benefit from this step by step guide of basic through to advanced Core exercises.

Having a strong and stable core (core stability) is a “must” for anyone looking to maximise their physical potential, whether that be on the sports field, recovering from back pain, or just having a flatter waistline!