“Back Safe” (Online) Core Exercise  Classes

“Back Safe” (Online) Core Exercise Classes

If you struggle to find the time and discipline to “do your core exercises” you're not alone! Many of us find it hard to be motivated enough to set aside a decent chunk of time in the day in order to perform rehab exercises prescribed by our therapist or other health care practitioners.

For back pain (and not back pain sufferers alike) core exercises are a corner stone for rehab and back pain prevention. They also improve posture and tone up our mid sections which could just mean the difference to fitting into that tight pair of jeans you've always wanted to squeeze into!

Problems often occur however when people self prescribe and pick exercises randomly off the internet without proper guidance or supervision. What can start off as a great idea can often turn into worsening or even precipitation of a back pain condition due to incorrect exercise selection or performance.


  • If you don't want to waste time traveling to and from a physical class,
  • if you want to maintain your social distancing but still want to “join in” with others.
  • Are looking for an instructor with all the credentials and experience of dealing with back pain…

…Why not join my online core exercises classes?

Classes are held twice weekly and fall into two types:

CORE & SELF MASSAGE (Every Tuesday Morning, London time): I will guide you through “Back Safe” core exercises designed to be effective for everyone, and which I have been using with my clients over the last 20 years, even those suffering with degenerative discs, facet joints sciatica. In addition, this class will incorporate self-massage and trigger point release techniques that I have developed and which are the perfect partner for core exercises. They will ease muscle tension caused by trigger points (muscle knots), reduce and provide resilience against musculoskeletal pain, and overall sense of well being.

CORE & STRETCH (Every Friday Morning, London time): This will be another set point in the week to join in with others online when I will guide you through more “Back Safe” core exercises. With this class however I will incorporate “Back Safe” stretches to restore muscle elasticity, improve posture and general flexibility without placing undue strain on the spine (there will not toe touching in site)!

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